Car Key Replacement Specialists for the UK


Whether due to accidental loss or to have as a spare just in case, keeping a set of replacement car keys can be a real help in a crisis.

Here at We’ve Got The Key, we are a leading auto locksmith business committed to offering a full range of quality locksmith services with exceptional customer support. Our team of auto locksmiths work across the whole of the UK and Ireland providing road users with services, including car key replacement and emergency vehicle entry.

Replacement Car Keys Provided Any Time

When it comes to a car key replacement, we can often cut you an extra key from the original on the spot. However, a large majority of cars use programmed remote keys, and as such, any new keys need to be individually programmed to work with the security system. 

At We’ve Got The Key, we operate a number of locksmith sites across the UK and Ireland where we can create replacement car keys, including programmed keys, the same day.

Car key replacement is a service that can be useful, for example, if you have lost your own key. When you call auto locksmiths, you get help and get into the interior of your car, at the same time you can order a car key replacement. This will be useful in any case – if you find the key in the future, you will have a spare. We will make the keys quickly and according to your wishes.

Two keys – better than one

Even if you have kept the old key, you can still order a new one. By doing this, you can easily open the car even if you lose the main key, and relieve yourself of stress. If you pre-ordered an additional key, you can immediately use it if you lose the main key. So, you will not need to wait for the arrival of a specialist to solve your problem with admission to the car, if you already have a spare key. But, if you need the help of a technician, our car locksmith is always waiting for the job.

You can order:

1. Standard car key – we will make a new key based on the model of the old key.

2. Electronic key programming.

3. Making a new key when the old one is lost.

We have a leading market position in the UK and Ireland, providing assistance throughout the country. We treat each client with care and attention, which is confirmed by thousands of positive reviews. Our specialists have experience working with different types of cars and with different brands, which gives them a lot of freedom. Turning to us, you can be sure of a successful result, and complete safety for your car.

Fast, high quality production

We can quickly produce a new key for you – we work with most modern brands. A detailed list of brands and models can be found on our website. Since we use special master keys, the lock is not damaged during picking. You can use the lock immediately after our specialist finishes the job. You will be surprised by our prices and quality. We’ve got the key is a company with the highest level of service standards.

Reputation, professionalism and trust

Lost car key replacement is a necessary procedure when a key is lost, and here you need full confidence in the company providing this type of service. We have been operating in the UK and Ireland market for many years, we have an excellent reputation and customer confidence. Each of our specialists has a personal progress line where you can see his history, experience and feedback. You can always get acquainted with the personal information of a specialist and leave a review about his work.

On our site you will find a lot of high quality services. Our masters are professionals with real work experience. You can contact us at any of the contacts listed on the site. You can get qualified assistance from our consultants and order the service you need. We securely store all personal data of our customers, without transferring information to third parties.